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B&B Guesthouse Inn   Mexico  Mahahual, Costa Maya 800000 US dollars
Resort, Retreat   Costa Rica  La Fortuna, Arenal 2800000 US dollars
B&B Guesthouse Inn   Mexico  Yucatan 559000 US dollars
Campground   Canada Nova Scotia CAPE BRETON, NOVA SCOTIA 675000 US dollars
B&B Guesthouse Inn   Mexico  Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico 685000 US dollars
Hotel   Canada Quebec Baie-Sainte-Catherine 1700000 Canadian dollars
Campground   Canada Nova Scotia Bay of Fundy 1495000 Canadian dollars
Hotel   Costa Rica  Mal Pais/Puntarenas 1500000 US dollars
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1. First Register To Get Your Password

If you havent already registered and obtained a password then you will need to do so, your password allows you to update your advert at a later date.

2. Price Limit

We advertise only affordable (family run) tourist businesses in holiday destinations (sea, mountain, beach, coast, lake, forest, national parks and areas of natural beauty etc) .

We do not accept adverts for businesses priced above the following upper limit (expressed in different currencies).

Australian dollars3 500 000
Canadian dollars3 500 000
Euro2 500 000
Pounds Sterling2 500 000
New Zealand dollars4 000 000
US dollars3 000 000
3. Proceed To Write Your Advert

Before you spend time writing your advert please consider whether your business is suitable for advertising on this site, we cater for buyers who want a lifestyle change, only businesses in areas that are regarded as tourist destinations are suitable for this website.

Your advert will not appear on site immediately, it will be queued for approval whilst we contact you by email to arrange for photographs. We do not display adverts without pictures.

Please note we accept adverts for tourist businesses we do not accept adverts for projects houses or buildings that the seller deems have 'potential' for a business - a history of trading is mandatory

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