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Campingplatz zum verkauf in Spanien - Tibi Costa Blanca

Bezirk oder Lage
Tibi Costa Blanca
Verkauf Einzelheiten
Verkaufs Preis 995000 Euro
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Online ID ESSP898

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Beschreibung des Besitzers

The resort is situated in Tibi in the beautiful countryside of the Costa Blanca at only 20 minutes from the white beaches and 25 minutes from the airport of Alicante in the middle of the valley ¨Foia de Castalla¨. Tibi is an authentic Spanish mountain village with the oldest still working dam of Europe.

The finca (the house) has a floor surface of 539 m2 and is functioning as a special bed breakfast in combination with a lovely restaurant. At the front you will see a big fenced terrace and at the back there are several small rooms that are surrounding a intimate patio. During the winter the big trees in front of the house are giving the sun the opportunity to shine, while in the summer their leaves are taking care of a lovely shade.

The surface of the finca is 29.870 m2. Part of it are gardens with plants and flowers and the rest are almonds and olives. We also have granates, grapes and figs. There is a nice Indonesian guesthouse in the garden.

The beautiful surroundings offer you all kind of possibilities. Walking, biking, horse riding, hang gliding, snorkling, diving, daytrips, shopping etc. Everything is really close by. The beach is only 20 minutes. Also the lively town of Alicante and the airport are only 25 minutes away. Directly out of the gate of the finca starts the breathtaking mountain area with beautiful walking tracks and several little old villages.

The European gypsy caravans, ´wooden rooms on wheels´, evoke a nostalgic feeling. Brought together from different countries, they have been adapted for modern living whilst retaining their original charm.
All are tastefully decorated and have a living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Beautiful wooden craftsmanship, together with typical coloured glass skylights, which allow the sunlight to shine trough, adds to a romance. You can admire the views from platforms at the front and the back of the caravans.

Representing Asia is the Balinese rice barn. Also very tastefully decorated with a living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

The African Safari lodges. These big tents of 54 m2, have two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a covered terrace.

All these accommodations, within almost 30.000 m2 of rural land, are situated near the finca and its facilities. The area is covered with numerous plants and fruit trees, giving you the option of privacy or of joining with others.

In the shade of palm trees we have constructed a swimming pool to refresh or relax in and, when the night falls, you can sit, gaze at the stars and enjoy a glass of wine.
Fazilitäten für die gäste
Restaurant  Bar  Swimming Pool  Spielplatz  Garten
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Fazilitäten für den Besitzer
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