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Hotel zum verkauf in Italien - Triora, Western Liguria

Bezirk oder Lage
Triora, Western Liguria
Verkauf Einzelheiten
Verkaufs Preis 1500000 Euro
Der verkäufer möchtet in den folgende sprache kontaktiert werden Englisch Französisch Italienisch
Online ID ITCQ927
Beschreibung des Besitzers
An old Franciscan convent dating back to the 16th century, that was first turned into an army barrack and then later into a school, since 1963 is home to a comfortable and friendly family run hotel.
It is located in Triora, a medieval town perched high at 780 metres above sea level, at the far end of Western Liguria, near Sanremo and close to the French border.
Much of its fame is due to a witch trial that took place in
1587, the last and probably the most important in italian history. But there are many more reasons why Triora is worth a visit.

The Hotel is The Hotel counts at the present 38 rooms fully en-suite, many of them with a private balcony facing the valley. All of the rooms are simple and welcoming. Even though most of them are derived from the old austere convent spaces, they have been renovated and made
more comfortable.

The property briefly comprises also
- a restaurant extensible for up to 240 places;
- a terrace of about 250 squared metres with a breathtaking view on the surrounding mountains and 80 eating places;
- a large multi-functional hall for 100 places with a bar;
- a fully equipped commercial kitchen (with RATIONAL professional cooking center, dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer, etc. etc.);
- a charming ancient sacristy with stone ceiling and huge wood burning fire;
- a well preserved bell tower dating to 16th century;
- a garden;
- a garage covered for 15 places and an uncovered private parking up to other 15 places.

The hotel still integrates a private residence for the owner/manager, located at the first floor consisting of 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 1 room and 1 WC (with bathtub).

The present owners have been involved in running the hotel since 1963.
By the unique position of the Hotel, its tipology of construction and its settlement it is to transform part of the basement and the garage into a lovely SPA with a covered swimming pool from where you can enjoy a view of the deep green mountains around. It is also possible
to extend the estate by acquisition of adjacent plots, leaving unchanged the Hotel main entrance.
Fazilitäten für die gäste
Restaurant  Bar  Fehrnseherraum  Spielplatz  Garten
Attraktionen fur die Gäste in dem Gebiet
Berge  Wald  Kulturelle attraktionen  Naturschönes Gebiet  Ruhe und frieden  Fluss
Freizeitangebote in dem Gebiet
Wandern  Fahrrad  Mountain bike  Pferde reiten  Angeln
Fazilitäten für den Besitzer
Wirtewohnung  Parkplatz  Privat Garten  Gartengebaude

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