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If you are searching for small hotels for sale , resorts, bed and breakfasts and inns for sale , or boutique hotels, motels, guesthouses, campgrounds and campsites for sale or gites for sale in idyllic tourist locations then you are in the right place!


If you are a buyer... you will find adverts for carefully selected small family-run hotels, campsites and campgrounds and B&Bs for sale from around the world on BuyMyDreamHotel.

If you want to contact the seller... just register (its free) and you can send them your enquiry.

We have 100's of small hotels, campsites and other tourist business for sale in a beautiful, idyllic locations.

Tourist Businesses not 'opportunities'... having owned a hotel and a large campsite ourselves we actively discourage listings that we feel are not really businesses. If you have visited other websites you will already have viewed family or holiday homes that the seller feels 'might make a nice bed and breakfast'. We strive for quality not quantity and reality not speculation.
A building is not a business.


How can I sell my Hotel, Campground or Inn?
It's easy, just register to join and then write your advert on BuyMyDreamHotel for free! You will need good quality photographs - we do not publish adverts without photos.

If you prefer to use an agent why not ask them to place an advert here on your behalf?

Add a map or video to your advert... you can include a Google map or a YouTube/Vimeo video featuring your tourist business for sale.

We deal exclusively with real tourist businesses for sale in idyllic tourist locations - if your business is in a large city then we are sorry but we cannot help.

We are not agents our role is to place buyers and sellers in direct contact with one another.

Professional sellers are welcome and get the same deal as private sellers.

Not just hotels!


Don't think we only cater for hotels, we also have campsites and campgrounds for sale, holiday parks also rvparks, hostels, resorts and holiday villages.

We have even listed eco lodges, dive schools with accomodation and floating hotels on converted boats.

"We advertise only affordable family run tourist businesses for sale in beautiful, dream locations - mountains, lakes, coastal and beach, areas of natural beauty, scenic tourist resorts, ski resorts and national parks. We do not show adverts for hotels for sale in inner city areas, only 'lifestyle tourist businesses' in beautiful locations."

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Sellers! We prefer that you begin with a free standard listing...

you can pay monthly for a premium listing, if for some reason you choose not to pay for a month then we can automatically go back to showing your standard listing until you decide to upgrade to a premium listing again

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Some listings get two or three replies a week whilst others get less, its not something within our control, some locations and types of business just seem to attract more buyers. We would prefer you use the free standard listing to make sure you are happy with the level of response before you decide to pay. Even then you can pay for as little as one month. Our ethos is simple, we only want to receive payment from happy customers.

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We allow sellers to include Youtube or Vimeo videos of their hotel or campsite or just perhaps the surounding idyllic location.


Our strategy has always been to offer a quality service and to offer a free option for those sellers who want it for free.

We focus on our niche area, small family run tourist businesses in idyllic locations. You will not see listings for inner city hotels here.

We specialise on regions of natural beauty and established tourist destinations.


We don't accept all listings, we deal with lifestyle tourist businesses in locations we would like to be ourselves ( we are ex-owners of a mountain ski hotel and a large campsite ).

We look for real live tourist businesses not projects or ordinary houses that someone "thinks" might make a good B&B.

Occassionally we will accept a great listing where the business is not currently active but usually we accept only freehold tourist businesses generating revenue right now.


We started in 2007 long enough to have successfully generated second sales on some hotels, in otherwords buyers who found their hotel or campground on BuyMyDreamHotel have then gone on to sell it years later through us as well.

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If you are searching for small hotels for sale, resorts, bed and breakfasts and inns for sale, or boutique hotels, motels, guesthouses, campgrounds and campsites for sale or gites for sale in idyllic tourist locations then you are in the right place!


BuyMyDreamHotel made its first appearance in 2007, its owners at that time owned a hotel in France which they proudly sold through BuyMyDreamHotel. The site has grown steadily over the years by continually offering private sellers and business transfer agents a quality service, always with a free option.