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If you are thinking of buying a hotel, Bed and Breakfast and have never run one before then you need to do careful research throughout the buying process and into your first few years. The cost of a book is miniscule compared with the size of investment you are proposing so getting the best information to help you identify a good hotel business to buy and to recognise what changes if any will need to be made is a 'no-brainer' - don't just rely on one viewpoint or book, consider buying at least two. Remember that most people who have indepth experience of running hotel and have written about it will have gained that experience in one particular geographic and social environment and quite possibly have specialised on a particular size of operation so very few people if any have the complete picture - its best to see what all of them have to say.

How To Start And Run A B&B - Louise & David Weston
ISBN 978-1845281113
Planning your business, Running your B&B what will it offer, Marketing, Tips section
Buying & Running A Guesthouse or Small Hotel - Dan Marshall
ISBN 978-1857038989.
A thorough and practical guide authored by experienced hotelier Dan Marshall, covers all aspects from buying the right business or property to the day to day running of a small hotel including cooking, menu planning, wine, billing and reservations. Experienced hands will still find items of use here whilst those seeking a lifestyle change will get a grounding in the essentials of what it takes to run a small successful business.
How To Start And Run A B&B in France - Deborah Hunt
ISBN 978-1845282721
Covers...Choosing the Property, Buying Your Property, Designing the Interior, Finance and Administration, Dealing with Officialdom, Organising Publicity, Keeping the Customers Happy.
Running Gites and B&Bs in France - Jo Taylor
ISBN 978-1905303304
Covers...Comparison of Gite vs Bed and Breakfast businesses, Money matters, Marketing.
How To Start And Operate Your Own Bed and Breakfast- Martha W. Murphy
ISBN 978-0805029031
Author is an award winning Bed and Breakfast owner in the US.