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B&B Guesthouse Inn   Costa Rica  Ocotal Beach 1350000 US dollars
Motel   Canada British Columbia Radium Hot Springs 999000 Canadian dollars
Hotel   Canada Quebec Gaspésie 945000 Canadian dollars
Campground   Canada Ontario Lake of Bays 1400000 Canadian dollars
Motel   Canada Quebec Gaspé 592256 Euro
Hotel   Costa Rica  Playa Grande, Guanacaste 2500000 US dollars
Resort, Retreat   Costa Rica  La Fortuna, Arenal 2800000 US dollars
Hotel   Canada Quebec Baie-Sainte-Catherine 1700000 Canadian dollars

    Why Choose To Advertise Your Tourist Hotel, Inn or Campground For Sale With Us?

  • There are some strong reasons for choosing us apart from the obvious one that we offer a free service so we will cover that point last and deal first with some important issues of specialisation, ease of access for the buyer and our presence on Google.
  • Why Not Use A General Business For Sale Website?

    You may have compared our website to general business for sale websites which show a wide range of businesses on offer, manufacturing, shops, car servicing, fast food franchises and the list goes on.

    Remember how you quit the rat-race to live the dream and run a hotel, campground or bed and breakfast in an idyllic location? Just think how it may affect the motivation of a buyer who is in the same position that you were once in if the majority of adverts they have to trawl through are for industrial, retail or inner city opportunities? Those types of adverts represent what they are trying to escape from!

    On our website every advert reflects the kind of lifestyle that people like you and your buyer aspire to.

    Buyers tell us that a side benefit of visiting our website is that it makes them feel optimistic about their chances of making the new life they want, the attractive photos and descriptions of so many great looking tourist businesses in beautiful locations motivates them and this is why they keep on coming back regularly to 'BuyMyDreamHotel' to see whats new.
  • We do not charge buyers for consulting or replying to adverts.

    If you have already paid for an advert on another website you may not have read the fine print that says that only 'paid up' buyers can actually read and reply to adverts, of course not all websites are as restrictive as this, some allow unpaid members to consult the older adverts after they have been published for a few months but whicheverway you look at it a fee imposed on potential buyers can only reduce the number of replies you can expect to receive. On we do not charge buyers to consult adverts - they can register for free and get their reply off to your advert within minutes and without restrictions.
  • Specialisation Is Key

    There are some general 'biz for sale' websites that are bigger than us but they are not specialised and when it comes down to competing in our choosen niche area we will usually beat them. Internet commerce depends heavily on Google, over half of our first time visitors come direct from Google. Google does not allow a website to be king of every hill so being general and not specific can be a handicap because specialist websites like this one will often outrank those who try to be all things to all people. You will not find adverts for corner shops or hairdressers for sale on our website so Google knows we are about one thing and one thing only - small tourist businesses for sale.
  • All adverts on are accessible to Google - this means someone searching for a hotel for sale in your location may very well land directly on your advert before they even see the front page of our website.
  • We have a great deal of internet knowledge, both technical and marketing

    We are constantly tweeking and improving this website in order that we can continue to welcome even more members every month.
  • Custom Built Website

    Unlike almost every other comparable website out there ours was not adapted from a template or generic internet kit. We wrote every line of code in our website ourselves and so it was custom built and custom fashioned for the sole purpose of advertising tourist businesss for sale. Consequently it is lean and mean and does not carry the overhead, sluggishness and often bad design that you encounter when people do not build from the ground up. In addition because its our code and we designed it we can continue to make almost weekly tweaks and improvements which all go to help improving the ease of use and hence popularity of our website.
  • Its Free!

    Finally we saved the best for last, our service is completely free! You will not charged for your advert, you only risk the ten or twenty minutes it will take you to write a carefully worded advert. One day we will charge sellers a small fee but for now we just want to continue our rapid growth in our quest to become number one in our field. There is no catch, no agreement and nothing to sign.
  • So What Are You Waiting For?

    If you like what you have read and your tourist business is suitable for advertising on this website then you are probably eager to create your advert, convinced that the ten or twenty minutes it will take you to carefully word your advert on BuyMyDreamHotel will be time worth spent - after all thats all it will cost you - just your time!

    So go ahead and register to get your password and then you can start writing your advert, once we have inspected your advert we will send you an email asking for your photos. When we have received your photos we publish your advert and buyers can start sending you replies.

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