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B&B Guesthouse Inn   Mexico  Mahahual, Costa Maya 800000 US dollars
Resort, Retreat   Costa Rica  La Fortuna, Arenal 2800000 US dollars
B&B Guesthouse Inn   Mexico  Yucatan 559000 US dollars
Campground   Canada Nova Scotia CAPE BRETON, NOVA SCOTIA 675000 US dollars
B&B Guesthouse Inn   Mexico  Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico 685000 US dollars
Hotel   Canada Quebec Baie-Sainte-Catherine 1700000 Canadian dollars
Campground   Canada Nova Scotia Bay of Fundy 1495000 Canadian dollars
Hotel   Costa Rica  Mal Pais/Puntarenas 1500000 US dollars

    Why Is 'BuyMyDreamHotel' Offering You An Effective, High Quality Service Completely Free Of Charge?

  • You may be asking yourself 'if BuyMyDreamHotel provides such a great service then why are they offering it to me for free?' You are not alone! Hotel or B&B owners are often asked to pay considerable sums to advertise their hotel or inn for sale and they are puzzled to find what looks like a great service which is offered completely free of charge. Please read on for answers to some of the questions you may have
  • Maybe its a new website and has not established itself yet?

    No - this website is over four years old and is very well established in our niche market, we appear in Google searches and adverts are accessible to Google directly. Over half of our new visitors land directly on one of our adverts directly from Google.
  • If they do not charge the seller then perhaps they charge the buyer something?

    No - unlike some websites which only allow paid up buyers access to new adverts, we do not charge buyers any fees whatsoever. This is important, its not much use to a seller if they get a free service but their potential buyer has restrictive fees and sign-ups in his or her way - a seller does want anything standing in the way of their potential buyer.
  • Ok I give up! Why is it free?

    Thats simple! - when we began we had one ambition and that was simply to grow to be the biggest in our field. We recognised that quality free internet services like Google and Facebook had grown so spectacularly because they offered a great service with no obligations and no fees.

    We know that a lot of attempts to make income on the internet fail because they try and make money straight away.

    Our secret is that we are prepared to do what hardly any of our competition are prepared to do, that is to offer a superior service completely free of charge.

    We designed and wrote this website, line by line from the ground up, we incorporated many time saving features which means we keep the number of unpaid hours we work on the administration of the website to a minimum - its smart, 'point and click' operation all the way for us and that means we can continue to offer you a really great free service.
  • Will BuyMyDreamHotel ever charge?

    At some point in the future we will charge a modest fee for premium ads. Its our intention to always offer a basic ad for free. We offer the following assurances...

    No existing ad will incurr fees, any ad that starts off free will remain free until the ad expires and is removed.

    You do not have to sign any kind of contract or agreement to advertise on BuyMyDreamHotel.
  • If I dont have to pay for my advert can I offer 'BuyMyDreamHotel' anything in return?

    Yes, please give us publicity, give us a link or a mention on your facebook page (like button below), tell another hotel owner you think might want to sell, or if you are a buyer and have viewed a hotel that you have no further interest in then why not give them a tip and tell them about us - we may have another member who would be interested in buying that particular hotel.

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